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Bizarro Summer Reading: Laser House on the Prairie

Wherein Bizarro Central takes a wide-ranging look at all the weird books coming out this summer…


On a lawless frontier of fiber optic plains, Jeph longs only for a simple life with his husband in their house that floats on a laser beam. Then comes a posse of his old war buddies—the coolest, baddest, razor-sharpest gunslingers on the prairie. They’re on a quest to steal the Red Orb, the world’s most addictive laser weapon, and they want Jeph’s tireless skills with a gun. All that stands in their way are a bunch of NERDS. Obsessive, entitled, consumerist, know-it-all nerds, squirreled away in a decadent secret city where even an ancient doomsday device can be lost to the detritus of pop culture. Nerds are the opposite of cool—speaking in references and catchphrases—mindlessly worshiping the convoluted mythologies of their favorite STUFF. They’ve no idea that the smoothest criminals in the land are coming to rob them blind.It should be an easy score, but nerds ruin everything. Old Jeph will have to fight for his life if he wants to escape this quagmire of toxic fandom and return to his LASER HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.

Available HERE

New Release: Jimbo Yojimbo


From the author of Bacon Fried Bastard and A Town Called Suckhole, comes a countrified samurai epic in the vein of Squidbillies if directed by Akira Kurosawa.

A flood of frogs drowned the cities and gunked up all the guns. Now an evil restaurant chain called the Buddha Gump Shrimp Company rules a finger-licking shogunate of seafood mutants and murderous redneck swordsmen like Jimbo Yojimbo. Jimbo wants revenge on the Company for killing his family and stitching a cuttlefish to his face. After a daring escape, he will hack his way through hordes of crawdad soldiers, a church of quacking gun nuts on a jihad, and Bushido Budnick, the master chef who rules them all. But with every step he takes, Jimbo Yojimbo’s sweet revenge will surely begin to taste like shit gumbo.

JIMBO YOJIMBO is fast-paced post-apocalyptic redneck samurai tale of love, revenge, and a whole lotta mutant sumbitches

Get it here

Eraserhead Press 2018 Preorders

Eraserhead Press’ publishing schedule will see a new bizarro book available at the start of every month. But right now, a few of them are available for preorder! Any of these books would be a wise use of your Christmas money.

The first is Jimbo Yojimbo, a redneck samurai epic available at the start of the new year. Preorder it!


Later that month comes Larissa Glasser’s F4, available January 15th. Preorder it!


Then in February comes I Have No Idea What I’m Doing by Andrew Wayne Adams. Preorder it!


And then all the way in July comes another Carlton Mellick III book, NeverdayPreorder it!



OUT NOW: Thunderpussy

Hi, kids. Do you like the seedy underground world of international treachery? Do you wish your shoes were phones and your inkpen shot lasers? Are you dangling from a ceiling somewhere trying to steal famous jewels? Well even this doesn’t apply to you, you’ll still be happy to know that my new book THUNDERPUSSY is now available from Eraserhead Press.


So before a squad of sexy ninjas burst into your room to thwart you, head to Amazon and show Agent 00X some love. This blog post will self-destruct in five seconds (so hurry!).

Now Available: The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction (Issue Seven)

issue7The premier magazine of the bizarro genre.

Issue seven features the novella “Noah’s Arkopolis” by David W Barbee short fiction by David Agranoff, Molly Tanzer, Andrew Wayne Adams, Shane McKenzie and Dustin Reade, comics by Andrew Goldfarb and SCAR, articles by Constance Ann Fitzgerald, Carlton Mellick III, Kirsten Alene Pierce, Garrett Cook and Bradley Sands, a spotlight on author Jordan Krall, reviews, and more!

Click HERE to order The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction (Issue Seven)!


A feeling has been tearing up the underground of the fiction world. It’s a nightmare reflection of the society you inhabit, a surreal explosion of pop, punk, and the post-apocalypse. Over the last decade, Bizarro Fiction has changed the definition of avant garde, it’s abolished the traditional prose of yesterday and established a new precedent for awesome. Collected in this anthology is some of the best weird fiction from the past decade. Award-winning writers, cult prodigies and burgeoning talents all collected together in one place. This is what you’ve done with the last ten years of your life.

With stories by:

D. Harlan Wilson, Alissa Nutting, Joe R. Lansdale, Carlton Mellick III, Kevin L. Donihe, Blake Butler, Ryan Boudinot, Vincent Sakowski, Cody Goodfellow, Amelia Gray, Robert Devereaux, Mykle Hansen, Athena Villaverde, Matthew Revert, Garrett Cook, Roy Kesey, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Aimee Bender, Ian Watson & Roberto Quaglia, Jeremy C. Shipp, Andersen Prunty, Jedediah Berry, Andrea Kneeland, Kurt Dinan, David Agranoff, Ben Loory, Kris Saknussemm, Stephen Graham Jones, Bentley Little, David W. Barbee, and Tom Piccirilli.

Published by Eraserhead Press. Edited by Cameron Pierce.

Order The Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade today.

The Terrible Tragedy of Homemade Toys

by David W. Barbee

My latest book, A Town Called Suckhole, was released almost a year ago.  I was so proud of this book that I wanted to do something special.  Special enough to involve a whole lot of extra work.  So I made a whole line of action figures to coincide with BizarroCon.

A quick bit of history: I had a lot of toys as a kid.  But the toys as they were just weren’t enough.  I wanted toys based on my own characters, and the only way for those to exist was for me to make them myself.  So I did.  I set up a whole factory line in my bedroom, taking my toys apart, cataloguing the pieces, and then reassembling them to my own designs.  My parents thought it was weird as hell, and soon they stopped buying me toys.  I bought my own toys until, eventually, I put away childish things.

I started digging back into my toy parts when I came out with my first book.  I made a few dozen toy aliens and people seemed to like them.  I enjoyed making them, which led me to making the Suckhole action figures.  This time they’d be bigger, and based on the actual characters in my book, and I’d give them away at BizarroCon so people would think my book was super cool.  It would be a bubbling mushroom cloud of kickass, boiling my own personal aesthetic down into three-dimensional tokens of post-adolescent joy, lovingly clutched in the fingers of my fellow weirdos.

But there were a few hiccups.  My master plan was to perform a reading from my book while my lovely assistant tossed out toys to members of the audience.  The main problem was that some of the action figures came apart.  The people still enjoyed it, though.  Later on Cody Goodfellow and I laughed about how Jesco pretty much disintegrated in his hands.  Still, as a creator, it was tough.  My babies, strewn about in colorful pieces at an adult party.  Dexter Spikes made it out alive, though.  He lives with my publisher now, protecting her house from the underwear elves, vicious little creatures that come out of your drainpipes at night to steal (you guessed it) your underwear.  Thank you for giving him a good home, Rose.

So I’m done making my own action figures.  It was fun as a kid, and it’s helped me sell a few books here and there, but I’m running out of parts, and can’t keep up with the master craftsmen in today’s game.  Like the guy who’s making characters from Carlton Mellick’s books like it’s not even hard.  Like this totally poseable and morbidly obese ninja…

Stunning!  I think I’ll stick to writing and leave the toymaking to weirdos whose hands aren’t made of hotdogs.  Did you know my fingers are all hotdogs?  Sure you did.


David  W. Barbee is the author of Carnageland and A Town Called Suckhole. You can find him and his hotdog fingers at his home on the web